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Made to Order

Polka Dot Dream Fabric

This item is one of my most popular pieces among clients. The colors are strikingly beautiful, while the fabric is smooth and delicate to the touch. All of my products are made with only the finest of materials, and I can assure you that you’ll fall in love with your new item. Please get in touch with me today if you have any questions.

Southern Charm Quilt Fabric

I’ve come up with a variety of textile designs to sell in my shop.
Crafting these designs is wonderful, and seeing my hard work pay off in the end is what keeps me motivated and why I absolutely love my job. This product is a favorite among my clients, as they love the soft texture and eye catching design. Love this piece? Get in touch with me today and make it your own.

Floral Frenzy Pattern

This design is one of my personal favorites. The simple yet stylistically unique concept translated so well into the finished product. Whether you’d like your own, or have something completely different in mind, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Get in touch today and discover the possibilities our collaboration could create.

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